Self-guided tours

Self-guided tours

Ride from the highest town on Balkan, to the oldest lake in Europe.


Day 1 


Transfer from Skopje Airport to Krushevo. (150 km around 2 hour drive)

Krushevo with its 1350 m above sea level is the highest town in Macedonia but also in the Balkan, is the starting point of the tour. In the medieval period Krushevo was ruled by Byzantines, Bulgarians, Serbs and Ottomans. The town is also known for the famous Macedonian uprising against the Ottomans on 2 August 1903 and establishing the first republic on the Balkan. In Krushevo you can visit Macedonium - Ilinden monument located 1 km from center of the town and Mechkin Kamen Monument located 6 km from the center of the town, both representing the revolutionary history of this place. Krushevo is surrounded by a beautiful forest called "Korija", riding across the Korija is a very pleasant experience.

Distance: 30 km          Ascent: around 120 m             Decent: around 100 m   


Day 2

Krushevo- Bitola

Bitola is famous for many things, one is the nearby ancient city of Heraclea Lyncestis founded in the middle of the 4 century BC by Philip II of Macedon, father of Alexander III of Macedon. Along the way from Krushevo to Bitloa you pass by picturesque villages , and the town Demir Hisar. On the way to Bitola you can enjoy the beautiful view of Pelagonija - geographical region of Macedonia named after the ancient kingdom. When you reach Bitola you can visit the archeological site Heraclea, Shirok Sokak, the most famous street in Bitola, full with cafeteria and shops, also you can visit the Museum of Kemal Ataturk, founder of modern Turkey.

Distance: 54 km          Ascent: around 280 m             Decent: around 890 m   

Day 3

Bitola - Otesevo 

When you are leaving Bitola, you are starting to ride in the foothills of the Baba Mountain - National Park Pelister. On the halfway to Otesevo is the mountain pass called Gjavato, shortly after passing Gjavato in front of you Lake Prespa will show up. This lake is the second biggest in Macedonia, standing at an elevation of 853 m. At the end of the route you are entering the national park Galicica. Mt Galicica separates Lake Prespa and Lake Ohrid due to the higher altitude, water of the Prespa lake flows into the Ohrid Lake. This region is known as a place where the first medieval Macedonian state was established by King Samoil. In summer time, you can take a swim on the nearby beaches in Otesevo.

Distance: 45 km          Ascent: around 590 m             Decent: around 350 m

Day 4

Oteshevo –  Galicica – Ohrid

Starting from Oteshevo this route goes up to the highlands of the national park Galicica. At the start you are riding on the asphalt road that stretches across Galicica and connects the Prespa region with Ohrid. After passing 13.5 km you leave the asphalt road and start to ride on a beautiful wide dirt road that goes to Ohrid. Riding on this trail is a magnificent experience, the terrain is surrounded by meadows and hills and it is a home to various regional species of plants and animals. Along this route you will visit the village Velestovo and after this break you will end up in the city of UNESKO. Ohrid, the pearl of the Balkan is located on the north east side of the Ohrid Lake. City has a rich history that goes back to ancient times when it was called Lychnidos meaning "city of light". Ohrid is a very popular tourist place in Macedonia and is visited by domestic and foreign tourists, especially in the summer season.

Distance: 42 km          Ascent: around 830 m             Decent: around 710 m

Day 5

Ohrid – Sveti Naum

On the way to Sveti Naum at 16 km from Ohrid is the “Bay of bones” prehistoric pile settlement. You can visit this museum on water and see how people in prehistoric times lived by this lake. Sveti Naum is the most beautiful site on Ohrid lake. Located on the southern side of the lake near to the Albanian border - 30 km from Ohrid. This place is home to one of the most important monasteries in Macedonia from the early 10th century. Springs of Sveti Naum fill Ohrid lake with water, you can take a rowing boat tour on this magnificent place. In this area you can find restaurants, souvenir shops, market and other domestic products from the local area. This place is very popular among all the tourists that come to Ohrid, and is quite visited. At 3 km from Sveti Naum is Auto Camp Ljubanishta, where you can take a swim on the most beautiful beach on the Ohrid lake.

Distance: 35 km          Ascent: around 320 m             Decent: around 290 m

 Day 6

Ljubanishta – Radozhda trough Albania

Around 3 km from Ljubanishta is the border pass to Albania. First and the biggest city on the lake shore on Albanian side, is the Pogradec located around 13 km from the border. From Pogradec to Lin, you ride on a 20 km long bike path that stretches along the lake shore. This ride is one of the most relaxing experiences on this tour. On the way to the Kjafasan border pass, you can take a few breaks and lunch in some of the local restaurants near to the bike path. When you reach the border pass Kjafasan, Radozhda is 14 km away. This village is situated on the west side of the shore of lake Ohrid. Via Egnatia, a famous roman road from the 2nd century was passing by this village, and you can still see some of the remaining. In Radozhda you can have dinner in some of the restaurants near to the shore. In this village you can also enjoy the nearby beach.

Distance: 50 km          Ascent: around 360 m             Decent: around  330 m

Day 7

Radozhda - Vevchani - Ohrid

Vevchani is located 20 km from Radozhda, this village is famous for the traditional carnival which has more than 1400 years of history. On this place you can visit Vevchani springs, a complex of springs located on the eastern slopes of Mount Jablanica at an altitude of 900 meters. In Vevchani you can have lunch in the local restaurants that serve traditional Macedonian dishes. 14 km from Vevchani is the second city on Ohrid lake on Macedonian side, Struga. Struga is the place where the international poetry festival – Struga Poetry Evenings has been organized since 1966. In Struga you can visit the bridge of poetry where this festival has a closing ceremony, also from this bridge you can see how the river Drim flows out of Ohrid lake. From Struga to Ohrid you will enjoy riding on a 15km long road near to the lakeshore. Back in Ohrid, you can join on a city tour in the old part of the town. 

Distance: 49 km          Ascent: around 230 m             Decent: around  290 m

 Day 8

Breakfast and transfer to Skopje airport


 What is included in the tour:

-          7 overnights with B&B in double rooms

-          E-bikes and equipment (tube repair kit, spare tube, pump, multi tool, bottle holder, rear rack, and helmet if is needed)  

-          Lunch packets for day 4

-          Transfer from Skopje Airport to Krushevo and transfer from Ohrid to Skopje Airport

-          Luggage transport between accommodations

-          24h phone assistance and support (van support)

-          Detailed description of the tour (maps, gpx track and route description in English)

-          City tour with licensed tour guide in Ohrid on day 7


What is not included in the tour:

-          Airplane tickets

-          Medical, travel and bike insurance

-          Optional activities and entrance fees

-          Single supplement

-          Lunch supplement

-          Drinks and other personal expenses

Difficulty: easy/moderate
E-Bike model: 29 SPECIALIZED LEVO HT- Hardtail mountain E-bike

minimum: 2 participants

maximum: 8 participants

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